A StreetPricer is a price monitoring, dynamic repricing, and competitor analysis tool for serious sellers on eBay. We scan for your competition and track them automatically. We then dynamically reprice your active listings based on configurable rules set by you.
A In short - yes, StreetPricer scans and monitors competitors from eBay. It can update eBay directly or the eCommerce software you use.
A We currently offer a week's free trial when you subscribe. You do have to authorise a PayPal subscription but nothing is deducted during this period until the week is up.
A Yes you can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no contracts, no penalty clauses, no fine print and no hidden charges.
A Yes if you want to track competitors against YOUR items. If you do not have an eBay store but simply want to check out what a known eBay store is doing, we will be introducing a top 20 bestseller tool that does that in the near future.
A No, the security and privacy of our customers are important to us. We do not store or even ask for any of your passwords external to StreetPricer. We access your items using eBay's API and what we need is a permission token that YOU grant and you log in directly to eBay for that.


A A typical setup involves a sync to pull down your Active Items from eBay. By default, our AI Scan will start looking for potential competitors. All other setup is just configuring the rules on how you want to scan, reprice and update.
We also provide a Setup Wizard that helps you along the way in a neat check list format.
A Having SKUs make it easier to manage your items here, rather than purely relying on titles (which often change) or a long list of numbers like the Item IDs. StreetPricer pulls these SKUs from your items on eBay IF you have them. If not, we generate an in-system SKU purely for ease of use.
A You can change your titles as often as you want. StreetPricer just picks up the changes from eBay everytime it syncs. Some sellers not only change the title but change to a completely different product. This could affect the monitoring of the original competing items.
A StreetPricer will pick up any new listings during its next sync.
A Indeed we do. To reach our support:

Email: support@streetpricer.com
or Call +61 (3) 9005 7997.

If you have Skype Chat
A StreetPricer works regardless of the ecommerce software you use. It only uses data from eBay. The only difference is the method of update for the repricing. StreetPricer can FTP or email you a CSV file of the reprices if you use your own systems.
A We are currently able to scan for a competitor's multi variation. We are working towards handling multi varations that involve quantity and pricing differences of your own store listings.


A For each active listing, we scan eBay based on keyword search parameters. These can be defined by you or formulated by our AI Scan. We also use your item's ItemSpecifics (like MPN, ISBN, SKU) to directly match others on eBay.
A Yes, it can be. To make the process quicker, AI Scan is switched on as default, and together with ItemSpecifics Scan, gets the scanning process started early while you prepare and define your own keyword search parameters.
A We have found that it can be very very good in certain industries but be quite noisy in others. Generally items that are branded products, genuine parts and parts which have specific model numbers give us very good results. If your item title is "iPhone case", the results will blow up our computer .. kidding.


A StreetPricer lets you set the lowest price you are prepared to sell at. We don't ask for nor make assumptions about what your cost of goods are. Simply tell us what this "Floor Price" is and we'll ensure we never go below that in any reprice calculation.
A Floor Prices are what you set as the lowest prices you are willing to go. StreetPricer obeys this limit and will not go below it in its reprice calculations.
Typically most sellers send us floor prices that will already have incorporated COG, eBay and PayPal fees, Handling and Shipping costs plus any profit margins they minimally want to make.

For quick floor prices, we have an AutoFloor tool in the Setup Wizard that can help you fill your floor prices based on a formula.
A The AutoFloor tool allows a formula using both a dollar value and percentage value. This formula is applied to each of your items' current selling price on eBay.

The formula applies the same as normal math procedures i.e. $x + y% of current price z.

e.g. For a $100 item

IF only percentage was used:
$0 + 10% of $100 = $10. Floor Price would be set at $100 - $10 = $90.00

IF only dollar was used:
$3 + 0% of $100 = $3. Floor Price would be set at $100 - $3 = $97.00

IF both dollar and percentage was used:
$3 + (10% of $100) = $13. Floor Price would be set at $100 - $13 = $87.00
A By default StreetPricer does its repricing calculations every 24 hours. This is user-configurable to as low as every 8 hours.
A AutoPrice rules allow you to configure how you want to reprice, whether its higher, at, or lower than your lowest competitor. It also lets you set parameters for if your competitors' items are located overseas, local, have handling days which are long, and what quantities they have. You can have more than one set of rules and apply them default across your items or use a different rule for some of your special items.
A No you do not, StreetPricer will never be like HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey. You can CHOOSE to let StreetPricer update eBay directly or feed your system a CSV of recommended price adjustments or simply send you an email with its recommendations.
A Currently you can choose for StreetPricer to update eBay directly OR update your ecommerce software.
A This capability depends on your ecommerce software. If it can update different prices to eBay and your own web site, then yes.
A StreetPricer does not calculate shipping. It reads in the published shipping costs and calculates the total price a buyer would pay, for comparisons against competitors that may have shipping or those with free shipping.

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