The most advanced tool for serious eBay sellers.

Easy to Use.
Intuitive and powerful. Visual and quantitative.
Dashboard view
Focus on the data that matters with the intuitive dashboard display. Know how your business is performing at a glance.
Setup Wizard
Upon joining, default system settings and features such as AutoLock, AutoPrice and AutoFloor will deliver a strong starting position without tedious set-up and manual entry.
Radar identification
Visual identification is undertaken efficiently in batches, with information presented intuitively side-by-side.
Compare your competitors' sales against yours
See how you and your competitors perform relative to each other over time.
Grid view and one-click update
Have the entire inventory on an Excel-like grid view. Change the fields and update your listings with just one click!

Fully automated. Fully customizable. Saves you time so you are free to drive your business further.
Lock onto listings if our AI algorithm is sufficiently confident they are competitors.
Assign floor prices according to your preference to safeguard profit margin.
Dynamic repricing according to your price rules. Automated or custom time schedules.
Synchronize with your eBay account
Data is kept in sync with your eBay account. A one-click synchronization will have your entire inventory downloaded. No need to manually re-enter data.

Rule-based Repricing.
Different price rules for different product groups.
Price Match with Offsets
Lowest or highest. Percentage and dollar offsets.
By Country and Handling Time
Price differentials by countries and handling times. Apply percentage and dollar based mark-ups before price match.
By Quantities and Item Conditions
Options to exclude listings with low quantity and specific item conditions.

Seamless Integration.
Seamless integration with eBay and your eCommerce platforms.
eBay API
Full access of data with eBay via multi-threaded API connection to ensure speed and efficiency.
eCommerce Platforms
Connect to your eCommerce platforms such as Neto, Magento, ChannelAdvisor, Shopify, and Codisto via API and data files.

Cutting edge technologies.
Unrivalled and most advanced.
High-resolution radar
Scan deep into eBay's stores and listings. Pick up every piece of information, such as SKU, title, price, shipping, location, quantities, item specifics, part & catalogue numbers, and most importantly, sales data. Confirmed competitors' stores and listings are locked on and tracked.
Artificial Intelligence
AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms identify competition without the need to enter search keywords, and always present you with the most relevant information.

No limits. No restrictions.
A secure, high-performance, data platform that is robust and highly scalable, engineered to service users large or small across the globe. Simple, flexible and intelligent – designed to work with your business.
All eBay sites
All eBay sites are supported. You can operate from and sell to any eBay sites. Multiple currency is supported.
eBay seller or Not
Subscription packages cater for eBay sellers, as well as non-eBay sellers. Monitor market size and pricing of your competitors' products on eBay.
Multiple eBay accounts
You can have multiple eBay accounts and manage them on a consolidated or individual basis.
Unlimited SKUs
Highly scalable architecture handles 10,000,000+ SKUs per seller.




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