Online Seller UK Referrer (expires Dec 31st 2017)

Online Seller UK members will be offered free assisted setup and configuration if they sign up before the end of December 2017.

To build your December and the new year's sales momentum, for NO UP-FRONT, NO COMMITMENT, and NO EXTRA COST, the StreetPricer team will assist in the set-up of competitive Price Monitoring and Dynamic Repricing for your eBay store. Package includes:

  • set up the competitor Radar for your entire store using AI Scan (Artificial Intelligence).
  • assist in fine-tuning the search Radar for 10 of the top sellers in your store with specific eBay search keywords and lock on their competitors.
  • set up and configure dynamic repricing so you can update eBay or your eCommerce platform
, deliver to you, and show you how to use it, so you'll never miss a sale during the best trading period of the year.
  * Offer is valid until Dec 31st 2017

Let us set up and configure enough to get you going for the best trading period of the year.

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How to build Sales Momentum on eBay

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