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What is StreetPricer?
Price Monitoring
StreetPricer proactively analyses top sellers in your store, and continuously scans eBay looking for competition to lock on. We track price changes and sales as they happen. You know where you stand in the market.
Dynamic Repricing
Reprice according to the market and competition with your pre-set rules. Update directly to eBay or your eCommerce platforms.
Competitor Analysis
Analyse your competitors' top sellers. Quantify and identify their trends. Track items that compete with you, and identify potential new stock lines.

Why Dynamic Repricing
Market is Price Driven
eBay selling is competitive and buyers want bargains. eBay makes it simple for buyers to compare.
Prices are Fluid
Online prices fluctuate. Discounts and deals come and go. Sellers come and go. Your costs may also fluctuate.
Your Competitors do it
Your competitors are already doing it, one way or another, either manually or automated. You cannot afford not to.

Build Sales Momentum
Maintain your run rate. Reacts quickly to price changes. Proactively reprice as it happens.
Grow your Market
You know where you stand. See what your competitors are selling. Identify their profit areas and eat THEIR lunch.
Save Time and Money
Automate and replace the need for dedicated staff. Frees you up to focus on driving your business.

How we do it
The StreetPricer Radar
We designed and built our own "radar" from scratch to process eBay's data. High resolution. Highly analytical.
Artificial Intelligence
Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms mimic your logic and thought processes as a seller, with focus on relevance and self-learning.
Dynamic Reprice
We also built a versatile AutoPricer engine that can reprice to configurable rules, and connect to eBay or your eCommerce platform.




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StreetPricer gives you unparalleled knowledge and control of pricing over the market and your competitors.